Emotional Selection

A decade or so ago, I was puzzling out how the brain uses mental schemas to organize understanding (as an avocation) while performing some comprehensive software testing. I then had a dream. After piecing it together, I was struck by the simularities between my musings, my work, and the characteristics of dreaming. The result was a new theory of dreaming: emotional selection.

After presenting my ideas at a few APA conferences and contacting some sleep and dreaming researchers at Beth Israel Medical Deaconess Medical Center, who generously helped me flush out my ideas, I published the theory in 2008, performed a small study, and subsequently extended the theory in 2010. More recently, I completed a much larger study with over 15,000 participants that was published in 2015. The study included a 3-month and 12-month longitudinal follow-up that will likely be published this fall.

If the short video above managed to pique your interest, below is a summary of my talks. If you'd like additional information, feel free to contact me.